Philly Booby Trapped Staircase


A team of Philadelphia real estate investors was lucky to avoid what could have been a tragedy after coming across a stairway booby-trapped with a swinging knife.

Ekrem Uysaler said he and his team were scoping out a home in southwest Philly on January 2nd when one of his coworkers saw a small line coming across a stairway that was covered in glass shards.

As their head construction manager was about to walk up, the men stopped him in his tracks.

The men saw a piece of string on the ground and knew something was amiss.

They found a pole in the building and began filming.

The men used the pole to pull the string only to be met with a fast-moving, downward swinging crutch.

Duct taped at the end of the crutch was a large knife pointing right to where a person’s head would have been.

Though Usayler said it’s somewhat commonplace to find surprising and even dangerous things in his line of work, like drug stashes or abandoned dogs, this booby-trapped staircase took it to another level.

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