Pharmacist Doug: Dealing with Cold Weather


Have you ever wondered what effects the cold has on your body?

Pharmacist Doug explains:

  • Excessive lip licking. This can lead to very dry chapped lips and even infections with severe chapping
  • Teeth hurting. This is just like if you eat or drink something super cold. The cold winter air can do the same thing and even more so when you may have an existing hair line crack in a tooth.
  • Higher Blood Sugars: drastic changes in temperature, up or down, causes your body to release cortisol, which can contribute to insulin resistance. Blood sugars rise.
  • Your body builds a better “brown” fat. In the winter your body increases in brown fat. Brown fat is much more active and it burns calories. Increase brown fat by exercising in colder temperatures. (for example, indoor pool swimming)
  • Your body burns more calories. This is a little tricky. To achieve this, you must really get a good sweat going while working out.
  • Dehydration risk increases. We all feel our skin super dry, but we do not feel thirst, which makes winter especially risky for dehydration.
  • Increase the likelihood of migraines. Because of dehydration and lack of vitamin D.
  • Muscles tighten
  • Arthritis is aggravated. This is due to barometric pressure and NOT the cold.
  • Spectating outdoor sports are more dangerous. 
  • Winter is the “perfect storm” for your body to make wrinkles.
  • Snow blindness. Very serious to health of eyes.
  • The surface of your eyes dry out. Inside and out.
  • Asthma can worsen because of cold and dry air and increase in viruses due to the season.
  • Nose changes can cause an increase in viral infections. Cold temps cause virus to replicate faster and the cilia in the nose are not as effective in removing those microorganisms in the cold.

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