People would rather watch paint dry than be put on hold


30 percent of Americans would rather watch paint dry and even wait for water to boil instead of being put on hold by a customer service agent.

(FOX NEWS) – New research revealing all the things Americans would rather do than be kept on hold with a customer service agent.

People hate being kept waiting on the phone, according to a new “One Poll” study.

Analysts found three in ten people would rather watch paint dry than remain on hold.

Adding, 39 percent would choose to wait for a pot of water to boil while 32 percent would give up intimacy with their partner.

The study also found close to 50 percent of the participants hated having their call transferred multiple times.

Researchers say their results show good customer service matters, citing over 60 percent of people surveyed say they would be loyal to a brand if it treated them well.

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