Parkinson’s patients getting help through local clinic


Parkinson’s patients can have trouble speaking out but a local clinic is working to help them.

Every week several Parkinson’s patients meet up to get loud.

“The LOUD Crowd is really a maintenance program for people with Parkinson’s and they come here once a week and practice using their loud voice,” said Traci Fredman, a Speech Pathologist at West Texas A&M’s Speech and Hearing Clinic.

Ivan Cates got involved with the group because he says his voice was low and scratchy.

“Each session really helps out so that we are thankful we can be a part of The LOUD Crowd and Speak with Intent group.”

Fredman tells us the patients go through SPEAK OUT! a 25 lesson program then they graduate to The LOUD crowd.

“It is hard to get good volume and it is hard to pronounce things clearly so we teach them to have intent behind their voice so they can be understood.”

Part of the therapy even includes singing, something Cates loves.

“I’m not a good vocalist or singer but I have always enjoyed singing and I get to participate in our church group some but it sure helps, you need to keep using your voice regardless and keep strengthening it along as long as you can,” added Cates.

The clinic also offers help when it comes to those who have had a stroke and those with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

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