Parents Allegedly Headed to Amarillo Arrested for Keeping Children Inside Cargo Area of Moving Truck

Two parents are in jail after Wichita Falls police say they drove around with their two young boys locked in the cargo area of a moving truck.

32-year-old Dustin Sisk and 24-year-old Hannah Maland are charged with two counts of endangering a child.

Officers say Saturday afternoon someone reported seeing a child's hand out the back of a yellow Penske truck on US 287.

Officers approached the truck near the Greenbriar Walmart and found two boys, ages 5 and 7, inside the cargo area surrounded by heavy items with little ventilation in 84-degree heat.

The couple reportedly told police they were moving from Mississippi to Amarillo and that there was no room in the cab for their sons.

Police also found less than two ounces marijuana in the center console and charged Dustin Sisk with possession.

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