Panhandle Pups Unchained: Freeing Dogs by Fencing Them In


“It’s called animal abuse, I don’t think a dog should have to live on a chain its whole life,” says volunteer, Corey Maus.

A new organization in Amarillo is trying to unchain as many dogs as they can, by simply putting up a fence.

Pups Unchained founder, Melanie Henry, says the idea came from one dog in particular.

Melanie Henry, Pups Unchained founder says, “Last year, driving home from work most of the year I passed a dog, Bruce, who was tied up. Every day I passed him just laying out there and I just had to do something. So, I tried to think of a way to start an organization or a business. I reached out and googled it and started searching and I came across Fences for Fido in Oregon.”

Henry says she reached out to Fences for Fido, and they, in turn, did more than just lend a helping hand.

“They sent four people up here from Oregon and they bought all of my materials, they funded the first couple of bills, and they taught us how to build the fences,” says Henry.

Now, Henry has volunteers of her own.

Sarah Davisson, another volunteer says “It’s just such an awesome event to be able to provide a fence for these dogs that are typically chained up to have a chance to just kind of roam free in their own backyards.”

And while they can’t help every dog right now, volunteers say it’s up to owners to make their pet’s lives enjoyable.

Maus says, “At least let them inside, and walk them so they can experience the outside. If they have enough time where they can walk them outside, let them smell the different smells and also experience inside where they can feel the cold air and not just be outside in different weather all of the time.”


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