Pampa ISD Lifts Pampa Junior High Lockdown

Pampa ISD reports that Pampa Junior High was placed on lockdown earlier today after a text message threat.

Officials say the school and local law enforcement officials have completed the investigation. 

There is no threat at this time and the school will resume regular schedule soon. 

As with any potential threat, no matter how small, officials will investigate. As always students and staff safety is Pampa ISD's number one priority. 

Below is a statement from Pampa ISD:

As you may have heard, Pampa Junior High School went on lockdown around 12:05 today.  A student reported information that was suspicious, so our school officials decided not to take any chances.  They locked the school down, called local law enforcement, and began an investigation.  Very quickly, they learned that there was no threat and the information was what could best be described as “a misunderstanding”.   Just for extra precaution, law enforcement swept the building and have given the all-clear.  PJHS is working to feed the students’ lunch and resume the regular schedule. As with any potential threat, no matter how small, we will pause to investigate.  As always, student and staff safety is our number one priority.  I applaud our school officials and our local law enforcement for their discernment, judgment, and quick action in these unsettling times.  My own children attend our schools and I will forever be thankful for the people (like our law enforcement, school administrators, and staff) who lead, teach, direct, coach, serve and protect them every day. 

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