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The 4-Hour Smile procedure gives patients who are missing most or all of their teeth a permanent, efficient, and cost-effective solution for dental restoration. Dentures used to be the only tooth replacement option for edentulous patients, but now this revolutionary procedure allows patients to receive a full set of permanent replacement teeth in just one day. During the procedure, a full-arch denture is permanently fixed in the mouth using as few as four dental implants.

The 4-Hour Smile Procedure

The surgical procedure itself can be finished in one four-hour appointment, and patients will leave the office with a brand-new, beautiful smile. Your oral surgeon will discuss the procedure in full (including your anesthesia options) during a consultation appointment before your surgery. Using IV anesthesia ensures that your procedure will be comfortable and safe.

After administering your chosen anesthetic, your oral surgeon can remove any remaining teeth and place your dental implants. Your final prosthesis will then be attached to your new implants. If the final prosthesis is not ready, you can receive a temporary set of teeth to use in the meantime. Either way, you will have a new smile when you leave the office.

Benefits of the 4-Hour Smile Procedure

After the dental implant sites have healed fully, full-arch replacement patients experience many benefits, including

  • Enjoying the foods you love without pain or denture slippage
  • Fully tasting foods (no plastic denture covering your palate)
  • No more need to buy denture adhesive or other products
  • A high success rate of 95–98%
  • Gaining the confidence to smile again
  • Improving your appearance by supporting your skin and muscles with new teeth
  • Preventing bone loss and other oral health problems

4-Hour Smile Full-Arch Replacements in Amarillo, TX

To learn more about our dental implant-based tooth replacement options in Amarillo, TX, contact our office for more information. One of our staff members will be happy to help you schedule your first appointment and start the process of restoring your smile.

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