On Tuesday, Felisha Telford got a new tattoo. The tattoo is for her older sister Charlesetta Marie Telford. She got her nickname ‘Cece’ tattooed on her chest. Underneath is Cece’s birthday and the day she died. 

Tuesday marked one year since Charlesetta Telford was gunned down outside the Plum Creek Apartments. Telford was taken to the hospital but died from her injuries. She was four-months pregnant and the baby did not survive. 

Felisha Telford was asleep in her bed when she got the news. 

“I kept hearing my brother Tally’s voice,” Felisha said. “Saying ‘Felisha I need you to wake up. Felisha wake up.'”

It took a moment for Felisha to realize what was going on. That’s when Tally broke the news.

“I remember him telling me ‘Felisha, Cece has been murdered,'” Felisha said. “And my whole life shattered.” 

Felisha said she has six other siblings and she is the baby, but Charlesetta was closest to her in age.

“My sister was amazing,” Felisha said. “She was like a best friend. She was loving, she was caring. She was kind. She was generous. She was everything you could ask for in a friend and a sister.”

The sisters even worked together as waitresses at Cracker Barrel for two years.

Felisha said she knew her sister was pregnant and Charlesetta was excited to be a mother.

“She had had a miscarraige before,” Felisha explained. “So she was 38 looking at her first child, and it went through this far, you know. So it was meant for her to have that baby. And that was all shattered and taken away from her.  She hadn’t ever been married, you know like, certain things in life we are supposed to have. We’re supposed to get married and have kids. And know what it feels to do what God put you here to do. And to have a purpose you know.”

Felisha said she saw her sister just three days before her murder. They met at the library on Tascosa road.

“It was the first time I had seen her since she had her little baby bump,” Felisha said.  “And I was like ‘Oh my gosh we are going to have a baby’ and I was so happy for her and she just had the most beautiful glow about her.”

After Charlesetta’s death, Felisha said her family slowly started falling apart. It started with Charlesetta’s mother, Frankie, who was put into a care facility just before her daughter’s death. She died a week and a half after her daughter. 

“Once we told her mother what had happened she just kind of let go,” Felisha said. “So we ended up losing her about a week and a half after that. So it was three people in two weeks. It was devastating. It was a lot of emotions at once. You know it brings chills to my skin to even think about them days again.”

In the days, weeks and months following Charlesetta’s death, Felisha said her family worked with police. To this day no arrests have been made and no charges have been filed.

In May, court documents showed investigators said Billy Ivy Jr. may be a suspect. They believe Ivy Jr. is the father of Charlesetta’s unborn child.

Court documents show investigators received information that a gun was surrendered that may have something to do with Charlesetta’s murder. The gun was found at Ivy Jr.’s home in Adrian in late March.

Felisha said the revelation by the investigators brought her family ‘hope and a little peace.’ She said the news also made her angry.

“My sister introduced me a long time ago,” Felisha said.  “I’m disgusted to say that I knew him and thought he was a respectable, civil human being.  I’m horrified to even know I have been in his presence before. What he has done is not OK. Since when is it OK to gun a pregnant woman down and leave her like trash in front of her apartment. “

Ivy Jr. is also connected to a local murder for hire case. Felisha said she has read all about Ivy Jr.’s latest criminal controversy and she said she feels bad for the other families that might be involved.

“Anybody’s family who was ever affected by him,” Felisha started.  “I am so sorry. I pray for them just as well as I pray for me and mine. It’s just not fair.”

Felisha said she will continue to seek justice for this tragedy that has consumed her family. 

“We only want what any family wants, which is justice” Felisha said.  “I am speaking to you today to speak up for my sister who can’t speak for herself and the wrongdoing that was done to her and her child. We just ask for prayers, for understanding and compassion. What any family would want.”