CANYON, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Justin Williamson is a West Texas A&M University student, who does the normal stuff.

For him, the normal stuff–practice, midterms, hanging out with friends, are all things he did not know for sure he would have as part of his future.

When we first met Williamson, he was considered one of if not the, most obese teen in the United States.

At 685 pounds, the normal stuff did not come easy. Now, he is down more than 300 pounds and told us he gets to just be Justin.

Williamson is a vocal performance major at WT who is learning piano, hopes to sing opera professionally, and is practicing hard to learn his part in the lead role of the operatic version of “Our Town.”

He said he spent what was the best summer of his life, performing in the musical TEXAS.

Even though his ordinary life is extraordinary for him, he said he will never forget how far he has come.

“I’ve gotten messages from people all over the world and all over the United States just saying good job, Justin, we’re with you Justin,” Williamson said.

They are just part of the chorus of people for are pulling for his continued success.