(NBC News)  As the coronavirus continues to spread nationwide, several states are beginning the first phase of allowing some businesses to reopen.   
Georgia is among several states easing restrictions despite not meeting federal guidelines for reopening.

“I trust our people to do the right thing to follow the guidance and open when they think its appropriate,” Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp said when announcing the lifting of stay-at-home restrictions.

The decision prompted a complete turnaround from President Trump, who a day earlier praised the governor.

“I told the governor I disagree with his decision,” Mr. Trump said.

In Oklahoma, which will also begin reopening Friday, there is caution among small business owners.

“We’re so excited to be open, but at the same time you’ve got that fear,” says Brandie Gitzendanner.

In hard hit Michigan, the governor says the stay-at-home order is working, and lifting restrictions will come slowly.

“We have work yet to do, we’re still not out of the woods,” Governor Gretchen Whitmer said. 

“This is going to be a constant battle, and whether we have a big peak this week or next week, we’re going to have lots of peak activities where we are going to be highly challenged,” says Dr. Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research at the University of Minnesota. 

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