WASHINGTON D.C (KAMR/KCIT) — Oklahoma Senator James Lankford announced a few 2023 priorities.

As 2022 comes to a close, members of congress are busy on Capitol Hill with end-of-the-year tasks including passing the budget bill, tax policy and national defense authorization.

Lankford shared that his constituents are asking him to focus on inflation and illegal immigration.

“The number one thing that I hear from people is we’ve got to deal with inflation, the cost of everything,” said Lankford. “Now 8%, plus inflation now for an entire year, it’s really affecting a lot of families, the price of eggs, the price of energy, price of fertilizer, and the price has just accelerated so fast, that people are really having a hard time with it”

The second priority is illegal immigration and stopping its flow into the country. Lankford shared that President Biden and Oklahoma constituents feel differently about illegal immigration.

“People are very concerned about the rapid flow of people illegally coming into the country and the rapid flow of drugs coming into our country, because we have so many people coming in our country illegally, our border patrol are distracted taking care of those folks, and they’re not able to go interdict the drugs that are flowing across our border,” stated Lankford

According to Lankford, more Americans are dying from fentanyl, heroin, cocaine and other hard drugs being brought to the country by illegal immigrants.

However, an academic article ‘More immigrants, less death: An analysis of immigration effects on country-level drug overdose deaths, 2000-2015, found that immigration is not associated with higher levels of overdoses.

One of the final priorities that Lankford shared focused on the Military Spouse Employment Act. The act sponsored by Lankford passed in the Senate on Dec.1 and was sent to the house.

“It’s designed to help all families, all American families that they serve in the military,” said Lankford. “We all learned there are a lot of jobs that are happening in the federal government that can be done remotely. That people don’t have to be in an office, they could full time work remotely.”

Lankford continued, “Well, if they’re working remotely, why couldn’t it be a military spouse, that could get a job in one of our federal agencies, they could have a career serving the American people just like their spouse is in the military.”