OKLAHOMA (KAMR/KCIT) — On Tuesday, Oklahoma voters rejected a ballot measure to legalize recreational marijuana.

The statewide ballot measure, called State Question 820, is the result of a signature drive in 2022. It comes after Oklahoma voters approved medical marijuana back in 2018.

“The people voted for medical marijuana in the state and we saw this industry pop up and the legislature played catch up on getting control of that industry,” Republican Governor Kevin Stitt said during a press conference last month. “The recreational thing is a whole different story.”

The proposition would have allowed anyone 21 and older to buy and possess up to one ounce of marijuana, plus concentrates and marijuana-infused products.

People also could have legally grown up to 12 marijuana plants, according to the Associated Press. Recreational sales would have been subjected to a 15% excise tax on top of the standard sales tax. That would have been used to help fund local municipalities, the courts, public schools, substance abuse treatment, and the state’s general revenue fund.

The proposal also outlined a judicial process for people to seek expungement or dismissal of prior marijuana-related convictions.

However, Gov. Stitt is against recreational use.

“Number one, it’s illegal federally. There shouldn’t be a patchwork of states doing different things,” he said. “We need to let the Feds tell us if it’s legal or illegal. We shouldn’t let the states tell us that. And then secondly, we already have medical to meet the medical needs of Oklahomans that need this as a drug.”

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