Oklahoma toddler gets e-Coli from lake water


Jessye Millard says, “It might not be horrible but it could be at the same time so me and my husband were really worried.”

Worried after her two-year-old daughter started acting strange.

Millard says, “She started getting really irritable she started screaming off the top of her lungs. We finally were just like I think there’s something wrong.”

This after the family spent Memorial Day swimming on Bluestem Lake.

Millard says, “She was actually sitting still with us and watching TV and we`re like this isn`t Lili.”

Those symptoms made Jessye Millard take her two-year-old to the doctor.

Millard says, “That`s what kind of pushed me to take her in just because she wasn`t my child. You could tell a difference between the two of them.”

And the results?

Millard says, “Our doctor got back with us and told us she tested positive for the Shiga Toxin Type-2 and to get her into the ER as quick as possible”

The CDC says it`s a type of e-Coli.

Millard says, “Cause it does attack kids with weakened immune systems so we think that`s why the two of them out of the 8 that were swimming really got sick.”

The family now warning others about their frightening experience.

Millard says, “There was a lot of fighting back tears especially through the process of giving blood because it took 5 of us to hold her down. That`s a traumatic experience just in itself.”

Now afraid to ever let their kids back in the water.

Millard says, “It`s kind of a sad because it`s kind of taken that away because we`re all scared to let them swim again.”

The family says the city is now testing the water.

The DEQ, not working this specific incident, but reminding others don`t swim in flooded areas, hold your nose when you jump into the water and pay attention to signage around lakes.

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