(KFOR)  In the chaos of late-night storms Monday, Oklahoma City police were called to a house on an alarm check…and shot at a man who turned out to be the homeowner.

“When officers arrived, they went up to the front door, knocked on the door, somebody from inside approached the front door with a gun in his hand,” said Oklahoma City Police Capt. Bo Mathews. “The officer stepped back and started shooting at this individual.”

That’s not exactly how the homeowner, Mike Williams, said he remembers it.

Williams said he was sitting in his darkened living room with his gun at hand, ready to protect his home from unwanted intruders.

While he was sitting there, he said a flash of lightning suddenly lit up an officer from behind.

“It went from nobody on my porch to somebody on my porch and within the silhouette, I could completely see a gun,” Williams said. “I didn’t hear him declare who he was. If he did, I didn’t hear it.”

Williams says he gave a warning and saw a flashlight cross the room. That’s when the shooting started.

“I made a split-second decision not to discharge my gun because I didn’t have any background, couldn’t see where my bullets would go, and I could not identify my target 100%,” Williams said.

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