Officials Issue Safe Traveling Challenge

Several agencies are teaming up to keep you safe during the I-40 challenge.
The goal is to make sure there are no fatalities during the long holiday weekend. 
“You are going to have a lot of travelers out there, gas prices are low so a lot of people are going to be able to travel to grandma’s house for the holiday and so the whole thing is to get there and be safe. Get there and be safe then turn around and get back and be home safe,” said Potter County Sheriff Brian Thomas.
With more travelers hitting the road, Cindy Barkley with DPS says there will also be more law enforcement. 
“DPS will have every available trooper out enforcing this holiday weekend,” said Barkley.
Sheriff Thomas tells us drivers need to be extra cautious with more officers on the road.
“If you see one of the first responders out there on the highway that pulled someone over remember that you have to slow down 10 MPH and pull over in the other lane as you go by them and a lot of people don’t understand that but we want to keep those guys safe too and we want to make sure they get home to their families as well,” added Thomas. 
Barkley says they are focusing most of their efforts on just two days but are reminding drivers to stay safe the entire week.
“The major holiday travel day which is tomorrow, on Wednesday right before Thanksgiving and again on Sunday will be the main focus for the I-40 Challenge,” said Barkley.
Officials are also reminding drivers to make sure everyone in the car is wearing a seatbelt. 

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