ODESSA, Texas (Big 2 / Fox 24) – A group of Odessa residents gathered at Dr. Lee Buice Elementary School, Monday, to kick-off a Labor Day parade.

One organizer, Cory Anzures, says the group wanted to spread positivity during difficult times and show support for the country, the President and all first-responders.

“What’s most important is for people to know that we don’t want our law enforcement to be defunded,” explained Anzures. “We want people to know that we stand behind them. Even if the law enforcement is from New York, we stand behind them from Texas. And I think that’s why we’re doing this really.”

The parade kicked-off at 7:15 PM and headed towards main streets in Odessa. The route looped around 42nd Street, Grandview, 8th Street and JBS Parkway.

“Whenever you have so much negative and bad going on in the world, and so many people that don’t know each other can come together and share something positive and turn it into more positivity, I think it’s great,” said organizer, Tess Talley. “You know, we’re all on the same page. We follow God, we buy guns and we vote for Trump.”