Obama Care on Life Support?


In Washington it’s day two of the new Congress and a bill has already been introduced to get rid of the Affordable Care Act.

This morning both President Obama and Vice President-Elect Pence will be on Capitol Hill for meetings on Obamacare.

As Senate debate begins on healthcare today, behind closed doors this morning, President Obama with Democrats trying to save the Affordable Care Act.

And Vice President-Elect Mike Pence meeting with Republicans determined to get rid of it. “We hear you. We will do right by you and we will deliver,” said House Speaker Paul Ryan, (R) Wisconsin. 

But with no replacement, the game plan may be repeal and delay. “It is not acceptable to repeal the law, throw our health care system into chaos, and then leave the hard work for another day,” said Senator Chuck Schumer, (D) New York. 

Some Republicans are under pressure from constituents back home who could lose their ability to see a doctor. “It’s not surprising to me that that does leave some Republicans queasy,” said White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest. 

President-elect Trump says he wants to keep protections like covering pre-existing conditions and allowing young adults to remain on their parents’ insurance. “He’s is committed to retaining those pieces that his advisors will say are working,” said Sr. Trump Advisor KellyAnne Conway.

At risk: government subsidies for low-income Americans who can’t afford rising premiums.

The concern is if those subsidies and patients go away, insurance companies will have no incentive to cover everyone else.

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