New Smoking Policy at WT

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Some new rules on smoking are now in affect on the WT campus.

Not allowing smoking inside of the buildings on campus is nothing new, but now there’s an addition to that rule. 

Director at the JBK Student Center Chance Haugen says,  “same rule applies.  No chewing tobacco, no cigarettes, they added e-cigarettes to that list.”

An electronic cigarette.. or e cigarette is a battery-powered, digital vapor device which simulates tobacco.
It’s grown in popularity among smokers because it’s allowed inside many buildings. including WT up until about two weeks ago.

So why did the college decide to change it’s policy?

Haugen says, “it was just something that was gaining in popularity and something that needed to be adressed by the university.”

As far as a strong response from students about the new rule, Haugen says they can see both sides.

“I do think that it doesn’t have a place in the classroom when you’re trying to take a test”

“I don’t really know  what the second hand smoke really does.  There’s no research on it.  I mean i wouldn’t do it myself, but i don’t really care if someone else does it.”

“Initially i didn’t see a problem with e-cigarettes being smoked inside.  It wasn’t until after i spoke to someone who actually smoked e-cigarettes.  They said they could be just as harmful as regular cigarettes.”

Support it or not, if you need a nicotine fix, cigarette or e-cigarette, you’ll have to step outside.

Haugen says smoking is only allowed on campus outside if you’re at least 50 feet from the entrance of the buildings.

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