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New Mexico State police investigating truck stop messages from potential killer

NEW MEXICO (KRQE) - A menacing message left on a truck stop bathroom wall has state police investigating whether there is a serial killer on the loose in New Mexico.

Truck stops can be a prime spot for shady activity, but now, cryptic messages found in bathrooms have authorities questioning if there's a murderer staking them out.

"We don't want to give too many details because we don't want people out there re-creating a crime scene or sending false messages that's going to hinder the investigation," said New Mexico State Police Officer Ray Wilson.

An investigation is underway to see if there is more to the messages.

State Police say in November 2017, a message was handwritten on a truck stop bathroom wall talking about a hidden body along an unknown interstate in New Mexico.

A nearly identical message then popped up in another state, which isn't being disclosed by police as they try to piece it all together.

"Is this something that's related? Is this something to be concerned about? That's what brings us here today," said Officer Wilson.

They have contacted the website 'LiveTrucking' to find out if truckers have spotted more messages.
Details have all been changed to avoid copycat messages and false reports, but investigators say it was similar to this:

"The body is at milepost 123. You have to figure out which state and highway. TSK."

It's unsettling for truckers KRQE News 13 interviewed.

"It'd be alarming any time you hear about a dead body at any kind of milepost, you're going to be alarmed," said truck driver Steven Rossi.

"That's surprising, I haven't seen anything like that lately, or ever," said truck driver Aaron Coty.

The FBI estimates there are 25 to 50 serial killers operating in the US at any given time.

So far, investigators say the messages aren't tied to any crimes or missing people. Still, it has truckers alert for anything suspicious.

"I will definitely keep my eyes open now that I've heard about it," said Rossi.

State Police say the messages are vague and there is no hard evidence of a serial killer or a crime.

However, they are asking for the public's help. You can report any tips to State Police at or by calling (505) 863-1161.

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