Mental health, childhood come up in day 2 of Jouett’s sentencing

New Mexico

There was a lot of talk in court Tuesday about the mental health and childhood of the Clovis Library shooter Nathaniel Jouett, as a judge decided what sentence he’ll face.

Jouett’s grade school teacher and therapist spoke about the major problem he suffered which they believe contributed to the deadly shooting. 

Jouett’s attorney asked the court to sentence him to only 20-years behind bars for the shooting in 2017 that killed two and injured four. That is a big difference from the 96-years the state is asking for. 

Jouett’s attorney believed the now 18-year-old has the chance to be a productive member of society after showing some improvements during his work with a therapist.

During Tuesday’s hearing, Joueet’s former second-grade teacher took the witness stand. She blamed herself for not helping Jouett when she noticed he was struggling during his younger years. 

Jouett’s therapist also took the witness stand. Christopher Tokarski mentioned Jouett had been struggling with drug abuse, depression and anxiety. Tokarski also said Jouett never tried to make excused for what he did and always owned up to them.

He says Jouett did have suicidal thoughts, but has since recovered from that and wants to spend some time behind bars to give justice to the victim’s families. 

During Monday’s hearing, Jouett said he didn’t have a plan for the shooting, he just knew he was going to shoot someone, somewhere that day. 

Jouett’s therapist told the court the only reason Jouett ended up in the library was because he had to go to the bathroom and had no connection to any of the victims.

Jouett’s motive has remained unclear with investigators, only saying that he complained of bullying and was just mad.

Tuesday the therapist revealed that Jouett blamed his birth mom leaving and struggled with anger over that. 

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