CURRY COUNTY, N.M. (KAMR/KCIT) — Curry County announced it has been awarded grant funding for a summer internship program for youth ages 16-18 interested in exposure to a variety of professions from diverse employers throughout Curry County.

The county said, to qualify, interns must be 16-18 years old and residents of Curry County. The program will be open to any youth, including spring-summer 2021 high school graduates.

Curry County said interns will be paid $10.80 an hour and be employed part-time.

“Interns will gain valuable knowledge and experience working with government agencies and local
businesses to assist them in career exploration and setting goals for their future education and career choices. Connecting our youth with local public and private entities encourages highly motivated future members of our workforce to find careers within our local communities,” said County HR Director Melissa Gunn.

The county said the 6-week internship will begin July 5.

More information can be found on the Curry County website.