CANNON AIR FORCE BASE, New Mexico (KAMR/KCIT) — Officials with the Air Force are releasing information about potentially establishing a Restoration Advisory Board at Cannon Air Force Base.

According to a news release, the Air Force is seeking members of the community to join the board at the base. The board would be a working group of local community members, the Air Force, the Environmental Protection Agency and other state and local regulators to discuss the Air Force’s environmental restoration activities associated with Cannon Air Force Base.

Officials said that the board would also give members the community the opportunity to provide feedback throughout the restoration process, facilitating communication, outreach and transparency between the base, regulators, governments, interest groups and the public in relation to military cleanup activities.

Officials said that for more information, individuals are able to contact the restoration project manager via email at by the end of June. Officials said if there is enough public interest in discussing environmental activities at the Cannon Air Force Base, the Air Force will begin the process of starting the board.

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