If you’re an art enthusiast, there is a venue filled with new pieces where you might not think to look.

Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport posted new photographs on their art wall this afternoon.

Local photographer Jim Livingston is hanging his collection of 18 images from around Texas. 

This is the largest exhibit the airport has ever presented in this space.

“Over the course of the time that I have been shooting for Texas, I’ve gotten these amazing photographs that I have wanted to show off,” said Livingston. “It is such a visual feast. If you haven’t been to the play you really need to go, but I also wanted to show off the Texas Panhandle, the setting for the play. “

Dave Yirak, the Executive Director of the musical drama “Texas” was also at the exhibit opening.

The show helped to inspire this collection.

The exhibit is next to the entrance to the TSA screening hall and will remain there for the next four months.