Neighbors rescue man from Texas house fire


One Texas man may not be alive today had his neighbors not stepped up and risked their own lives to save him.

When they saw the flames coming out of his house they knew there was no time to waste.

Marco Bergen says, “I went to grab a water hose just to help put it out and someone yelled, the man is upstairs.”

From that moment, Marco Bergen knew what he had to do.

He ran to the front door of the burning home and opened it.

Bergen says, “When I opened the front door the black smoke was so thick it actually knocked me in the face and I almost passed out.”

Bergen did not let that stop him.

He took a deep breath and went back inside, started yelling out for his neighbor.

Bergen says, “I could hear something barely like and I said ‘be quiet.’ someone was yelling behind me and then I finally heard him and then I asked for a flashlight.”

Chad Mouhot says, “We had to help our neighbors.”

Chad Mouhot used his phone’s flashlight and joined the search of the missing neighbor.

By now the smoke was so thick, the men were crawling on the floor.

As the flames grew and the smoke closed in, they finally spotted their neighbor.

Chad Mouhot says, “Luckily, we saw the bottom of his feet and that is when we snapped in and grabbed him. We took in the smoke just long enough to grab him and drag him out.”

The men got their neighbor to safety.

At first, the victim was not breathing, but he was revived.

He was said to be talking before being taken to a hospital for evaluation.

Chad Mouhot says, “Firemen and police cannot always be there when we need them at that moment, so sometimes we have to step in and do something about it.”

A woman who also lives in the house made it out on her own.

Both she and the man were treated for smoke inhalation.

Fire officials say the fire was ignited by improperly discarded smoking materials in the garage. 

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