Utah sixth grader says she wasn’t allowed to say ‘no’ when boy asked her to dance


A Utah sixth grader says the school didn't allow her to say ‘no’ when a boy asked her to dance.

RICH COUNTY, Utah (CNN) — A Utah middle schooler says she was forced to dance with a boy who makes her feel uncomfortable.

She says her school principal told her she’s wasn’t allowed to say no.

In Rich County Utah, there is one public middle school with 125 kids.

Three times a year the kids have a dance.

Alicia Hobson told our media partners at the Salt Lake Tribune that her 6th-grade daughter Azlyn was so excited for the Valentine’s Day Dance.

She had been talking about ot for weeks.

But then things became uncomfortable.

Azlyn says a boy she didn’t want to dance with asked her and her Principal Kip Motta told her there was no saying no.

“I just didn’t like it at all,” Azlyn said when they finally said it was done I was like yes.

Rich Middle School Principal Kip Motta said, “No one was forced to do anything. All they had to do was communicate with me as I — that’s what we tell the kids all the time.”

Principal Motta says they have been doing these dances for more than 20 years.

Principal Motta said, “They ask each other to dance and we ask them to say yes and the reason behind this policy or philosophy is to ensure that no kid is, no children at all feel like they are left out.”

While kids are asked to say yes during the dances, Principal Motta says students can tell him ahead of time if there is someone they don’t want to dance with.

Principal Motta said, “I didn’t know she said no and I didn’t know that boy made her feel uncomfortable. If I had of known that prior to the dance, I would have mitigated the issue as I had in the past.”

Azlyn’s mom says everyone should have the right to say no.

“It’s harmful for kids to not have the right to say no.”

She said we teach them they don’t have to put up with any of that and then we send them to school and they learn the opposite?

Now, this small school is getting some big attention to this controversial say yes policy.

The principal says he is working with the superintendent to review the policies for next year.

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