WASHINGTON D.C. – Climate change may soon affect the food we expect to see on the dinner table. The US Botanic Garden is hosting an exhibit called “Agriculture is Innovation” to show how food sustainability is evolving.

The garden offers three main exhibits that include information about water, food growth, and who grows it. Public affairs specialist Devin Dotson said he hopes the exhibit offers the public more background on where the food on their plates is coming from.

“Our goal here is to open people’s eyes about what farming, and agriculture does both for the people that are doing the farming and for us as Americans,” Dotson said.

According to the US Drought Monitor, Texas is hitting all time highs for droughts, and this impacts farmers, markets, food banks, grocery stores, and consumers. Dotson said adaptation is nothing new for farmers. “Farmers have been at the forefront of looking at adaptations in farming for thousands of years and they continue to be today,” Dotson said. “They’re looking at what are the variety that can really withstand the changes they are seeing. Maybe it’s high temperatures, maybe it’s flooding, maybe its drought.”

As climate rises, farmers are being forced to look for new varieties of plants and new technology for their fields to continue to produce food.

“Some of the new science innovations that are happening that are useful are precision agriculture because farmers more and more are using things like GPS technology, satellite,” Dotson said. “They are really homing in on watching what’s happening in their fields in real time.”

Dotson said farmers are always stiving to find solutions to keep crops growing and plates full. For more information on the “Agriculture is Innovation” exhibit visit this link.