Study: Women less likely to date men who pose with cat


A new study shows women are less attracted to men who have cats.

(CNN) — All you cat-loving single fellas out there we’ve got some catastrophic news.

Turns out, guys who like cats are less likely to get a date.

Now, if you’re thinking, you’ve cat to be kitten me there was actually a study on this.

Scientists at Colorado State University showed more than 700 women photos of two guys.

One by themselves and the second with a cat companion and their luck got noticeably worse when women saw them cuddling a cat.

Now, it’s not a huge drop only about 5 percent.

But why such fuss over felines?

The folks who did the study say it probably has to do with some long-held cultural stereotypes about cat owners versus dog owners with ‘cat men’ described as less masculine, neurotic, agreeable, and less dateable.

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