SpaceX Completes Starship “Hop Test”


A prototype spacecraft designed to carry up to 100 passengers to Mars completed a crucial test flight Tuesday.

(KPRC)  SpaceX successfully completed a highly-anticipated “hop test” of its Starship SN5 prototype Tuesday at thier test facility in Boca Chica, Texas.

Just before 7 p.m., in SpaceX team’s third attempt, the stainless steel spacecraft prototype, with a single SpaceX raptor engine, “hopped” nearly 500 feet into the air before coming back down and landing on its legs, as it was designed by SpaceX to do. The two-stage rocket system is also collectively called Starship.

For SpaceX, this was a big milestone in Starship’s development. Workers continue to build and test Starship prototypes, a spacecraft designed for long-term spaceflight. It would carry cargo and 100 passengers, launching atop SpaceX’s Super Heavy rocket.

The destination: Mars.

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