Waco, TEXAS (FOX 44) — As we enter our first cold spell of the season HVAC repair workers are anticipating homeowner concerns of their units working.

Businesses here say they get a lot of calls from customers about their heaters not working when it starts to get cold.

They say to turn it on early before the temp drops to avoid cold feet.

“Most manufacturers do recommend you have your heating system checked every winter and the best time to do it is early winter, which is now,” said Haught Air Conditioning owner Chris Howell.

Howell says another call they get a lot is about the smell of something burning.

“Most of the time it’s just burning off your system after burners or from the heat tips. That is normal and that is expected,” said Howell.

Howell says if the burning smell lasts over an hour, call a heating expert.

Another practice encouraged during this season is to test it during weekdays in the daylight to avoid overnight emergency calls.

“For after hours calls or overtime and emergency calls, no matter what service company you use, its normally more expensive than it is during the week,” said Evergreen Heating and Cooling owner Brian Peters.

Peters says all Central Texas homes run on either a gas or electric system, or a heat pump.

Gas systems are the ones they work on most often.

“The gas doesn’t light, so the igniter may be broken. The gas valve doesn’t seem to be set correctly. That’s an internal setting that doesn’t allow. So on safety, it’ll turn itself off,” said Peters.

Howell and Peters both mention checking your filters.

“I always recommend changing the filters once a month. There are very few filters that are made that will go over a month in length,” said Howell.

“Make sure your filters are changed. Make sure that without a with a dirty filter, you restrict the air flow and that doesn’t allow the heat, the air to to move throughout the system properly,” said Peters.

Both businesses say they’re prepared to help any homeowners having issues due to fewer calls in the winter than in the summer.