(NBC News) — Tonight on “Dateline,” After a fight with her mother, Angela, Ellie Green stays with her boyfriend’s family until things settle down at home. But when days go by with no word from her mom, Ellie begins to worry.

Then she’s given the awful news: her mother is dead. But is that the truth? What really happened to Angela Green?

Here’s a preview of Keith Morrison’s report:

Ellie green was almost there.  “Adulting,” that last stage of growing up, can be difficult for anyone. But for Ellie Green, try horrifying.  Confusing.  Grotesque.

ELLIE GREEN: I was just trying to live my life and be happy, and it just happened to me. So…

KEITH MORRISON: I wonder what happened after you left that day?

ELLIE GREEN: Yeah. Yeah, I wonder too.

Her once shining future now a cloud of grief, suspicion and lies. And the one person left The one she counted on, really couldn’t be.

For a long time, Ellie had so many questions. And then, she demanded answers.

In her first network interview, Ellie speaks with Keith Morrison about her mother. Watch “Dateline,” tonight on NBC4 at 10 p.m.