MIAMI, Florida (Nexstar)- An Odessa man is behind bars after a clash with police turned into a brawl earlier this week at Miami International Airport. 

Alberto Suarez, 32, has been charged with battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest, according to ABC News. 

The shocking fight, which was caught on camera, broke out Monday evening around 6:30 p.m. over a disturbance surrounding a delayed flight. After the delayed flight was ultimately canceled, an angry passenger began arguing with police.

In footage obtained by NewsNation, an officer held a passenger in a headlock as more officers arrived to control the crowd and bystanders gathered around the scene. 

Miami police confirmed another traveler was also arrested following the fight. That man, Mayfrer Gregorio Serranopaca, 30, of Florida, was charged on the same counts as Suarez, as well as six other counts, including burglary and inciting a riot. 

Miami International Airport Director and CEO Ralph Cutié responded to the incident report, telling NewsNation in part:

“Like airports across the country, MIA is seeing record-high passenger numbers this winter travel season. Unfortunately, that passenger growth has come with a record-high increase nationwide in bad behavior as well, such as the incident this evening at MIA. Disruptive passengers face police arrest, civil penalties up to $37,000, being banned from flying, and potential federal prosecution. We have worked so hard to rebound from the pandemic and make traveling safe again, so we can visit our loved ones.

-News Nation