New survey flags employment trends to watch


A new survey describes 4 employment trends to watch for the foreseeable future

(FOX NEWS) — Job trends starting in the COVID-19 era are likely to linger well after the pandemic subsides and ends.

Based on real-time hiring patterns and a nationwide survey of 580 employers staffing leader “True Blue” says the coronavirus has created a paradigm shift in how we think about work and how businesses protect employees and customers.

“True blue’s” survey shows 75-percent of employers say their business declined during the pandemic but most believe business activity will return to normal by the end of the year if not sooner.

Nearly 1 in 5 are concerned their business may not survive COVID-19.

Four employment trends to watch as companies navigate new economic and operational terrain include a wider adoption of emerging jobs.

New roles created during the pandemic to protect public health and may be here to stay for a while such as health and safety stewards providing deep cleaning and ongoing sanitization services for retailers, restaurants, gyms, retirement homes, and other facilities.

Health monitors who check temperatures of people entering a building and decontamination technicians who operate systems to sterilize hospital gowns and masks for reuse and check for quality.

About 40-percent of employers expect to rely more on temp and part-time staff once COVID-19 ends.

There’ll be less people in the office.

60-percent of employers have been providing remote work options for their employees during the pandemic.

Of these employers, more than half said they are open to more employees working from home after COVID-19 ends if productivity levels are maintained.

Also, heightened safety measures could become routine.

86-percent of employers said when COVID-19 has passed, they will continue to enforce strict health and safety guidelines that are currently in place from increased sanitization and use of PPE, to temperature checks, and social distancing.


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