FORT WORTH (KFDX/KJTL) — We are shining the spotlight on claims from both sides of an alleged aggravated assault with a deadly weapon involving state office candidate Craig Carter.

Carter and his estranged wife Leigha Morgan spoke with KFDX journalist Markeshia Jackson. Morgan is claiming that Carter is a dangerous man.

Divorce proceedings are underway for the two, and Morgan was granted an emergency restraining order against Carter. However, Carter said he’s actually the victim in all of this, stating there’s still a long way to go in this investigation.

“It’s beyond sanity,” Morgan said. “Like, he has lost his mind, and it’s very sad to watch. It’s very scary, and I really do fear for my life, to be honest; I have a body guard.”

“It was very scarring to be drug out of your house at gunpoint by a guy who assaulted you,” Carter, owner of the Nocona Boot Store, said.

Two strikingly different accounts have emerged from Nocona businessman and state office candidate Craig Carter and his estranged wife Leigha Morgan just days following Carter’s arrest for an alleged aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, where Carter claims to have been the real victim.

“Fort Worth police got it wrong, Southlake police got it wrong, Grapevine police got it wrong, Hearst police got it wrong,” Carter said.

Morgan said, however, they indeed got it all right. She said Carter did, in fact, enter her home without her permission, locate a gun that belonged to a male friend who also lives there and then point that gun at her.

“He waved a gun at me,” Morgan said. “He wanted my son to come up there with him having the gun, and I just can’t – even more things like calling in fake police emergencies.”

Carter begs to differ. He said it was his home, he was the one assaulted by the male friend of Morgan, and that his video proves just that.

“He had come in and had a knife and threatened me, and I had asked him to get his stuff and leave,” Carter said. “This is my home. I have the right to be here with the key to my apartment, and he said this is my home, not your home, and that’s when I hit record.”

That’s when the video shows that friend holding a gun to the back of Carter’s head.

“Honestly, I am pretty scared right now of Craig,” Morgan said. “I don’t trust him; I don’t trust him to be around me or my son Rex. I do not believe that he is in his right mind. I believe that he is mentally incapacitated.”

“I believe that she has some serious mental issues, and there’s some alcohol and drug issues, and I believe that she’s being manipulated,” Carter said.

Despite this incident, Carter said he still plans to continue his campaign for the Texas House 68th District Seat, an office Morgan said he doesn’t need to hold.

“No. Won’t be getting my vote, and I discourage all people from voting for him and contributing to the campaign,” Morgan said. “I think it’d be a waste of your time and money.”

“I was able to hit record on my phone because if I had not been able to do that, this guy gets exactly what he was hired to do, which was to end this political thing and get me taken out of the picture,” Carter said.

Ultimately, Morgan and Carter said they just want to move forward from this.

“I don’t wish harm on anyone, but I do believe that he does need to be in prison,” Morgan said. “I believe that he is not of sound mind.”

“The video’s very clear, and I need a real investigation that’s not tainted by someone that set something up,” Carter said.

Morgan said when Carter waved the gun before he started recording, he even pulled the trigger twice, but the safety was on. The affidavit states Morgan’s friend disarmed Carter, then took him outside to wait for police to arrive.

Morgan even accused Carter of hiring someone to cause the wreck in Denton County last January that claimed the life of their daughter and her mother and critically injured their son.

Carter denied the allegation, stating he would never have done anything to hurt their children.

Now, Carter and Morgan both say they just want a proper investigation done, and their number one priority is the safety of their families.