Hundreds claim Jeffrey Epstein was their father


More than 100 people claim Jeffrey Epstein is their father in bid for $635 million fortune

(FOX NEWS) — Sex offender.


And the father of potentially hundreds.

More than 100 people have said they believe Jeffrey Epstein was their father with the hopes of receiving a portion of the now-deceased financier’s $635 million dollar estate.

The Sun UK says about 30-percent of the 386 people who have contacted have said they might be heirs to his fortune.

The respondents are from the US, the UK, France and the Caribbean.

The website was created by a genealogical service looking to locate missing and unknown heirs to estates worldwide.

It’s unclear if the individuals undergo any sort of vetting process to determine the credibility of their claims.

Epstein was a hedge fund manager who rubbed elbows with the rich, famous and influential, including presidents and Britain’s Prince Andrew.

He died in a New York City jail cell in august 2019, from what officials deemed was suicide by hanging.

At the time, he was awaiting trial in connection to accusations he paid underage girls hundreds of dollars in cash for massages, then sexually abused them.

The criminal case was dismissed following his death.

But investigators are still probing many of Epstein’s known associates, including Prince Andrew.

Epstein was previously convicted in 2008 after pleading guilty to state charges in Florida of solicitation of prostitution involving a minor and another similar prostitution charge.

A number of court cases involving his estate and his associates remain ongoing and the Justice Department is investigating the circumstances surrounding his death.

Epstein owned a private island in the Caribbean, homes in Paris and New York City, a New Mexico ranch, and a fleet of high-priced cars, among other pricey possessions.

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