Houston-area cheerleader hospitalized after snake bite that was caught on video


HUFFMAN, Texas (FOX NEWS) – A Texas teen survives a copperhead snake bite and she had no idea what happened, until she got to the hospital. 

On most days you can find Paris Montgomery tumbling in her backyard.

The high school cheerleader has been using her time away from school during the pandemic to brush up on her skills. 

This trampoline is usually her safe haven for workouts. At least until last week. 

Paris Montgomery says, “I was about to go tumble on my trampoline and I always video myself tumbling, so I was just videoing, and then I was taking my shoes off and then I stepped on a snake and it bite me… (laughing).”

Of all the places it just happened to be right where you foot was, can you believe that that is captured on video?

Paris Montgomery says, “No I can’t believe that.” 

She never saw the snake, but closely take a look you can see the snake strike her foot. 

Experts say it was a copperhead. 

Paris Montgomery says, “I was trying to just walk it off. And then I started like limping to my mom and it started like swelling up and getting worse. And then I like couldn’t’ even like touch it. So it just got worse really quick.” 

As her mom what were you  thinking was going on with your daughter?

Tracy Montgomery says, “Well when she first came to me she said mom I think something was in my shoe or I got  poked by a stick. And so I didn’t really it was that urgent until it started swelling so then I thought maybe a bee stung her. So I went and got some baking soda and put it on it, and then it kept getting worse. And so I was like maybe it was a poisonous spider, because  my thought was ,if was something in her shoe, cause that’s all she remembered was taking her shoe off and it hurting.” 

It started to turn people so an ambulance rushed Paris to Texas Children’s Hospital in the Woodlands. 

Paris Montgomery says, “On the way to the emergency room as the the worst I think, it felt like just like stinging going through my foot and leg.”

And how did you deal with that pain, what were you doing?

Paris Montgomery says,  “I was just crying…. Yeah.” 

Tracy Montgomery says, “When we were trying to tell the doctor what happened, and she goes mom I have it on video and I was like oh well let’s see it, that’s when we zoomed it in and saw it was actually a snake bite.” 

How crazy was that, you had to just be thinking you were seeing things.

Tracy Montgomery says, “She goes no mom, even when she saw it she said there was no way a snake bit me and I didn’t know it and I was like it’s on video…( laughing.)”

 Doctors prescribed four doses of anti-venom and it was administered through her iv. 

Paris Montgomery says, “Like the swelling went down a lot after two or three doses of it…”

 Paris admits she’s a little scared to go back out here where it all happened but her dad cleaned up the area to help protect her and she says she’ll be more away than ever before.

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