Florida woman dies from flesh-eating bacteria


Florida woman dies after contracting necrotizing fasciitis from a Florida beach

Florida woman dies from flesh-eating bacteria

Florida woman dies after contracting necrotizing fasciitis from a Florida beach

A florida grandmother has died from flesh-eating bacteria–

And, it’s sparking a warning for beachgoers.

The woman’s family is now pushing for more training to recognize the symptoms and how to treat it.

The infection was in her skin.

The photo showing a bandage on Lynn Fleming’s left leg.

This is days before the flesh eating bacteria would take over her leg.

Wade Fleming says, “They had to do the surgeries and basically remove skin from her buttocks down to her toes.”

Lynn’s son sitting down with us about his mother’s story.

He says she died from necrotizing fasciitis.

Less than two weeks after visiting Coquina Beach.

Wade Fleming says, “You know you kind of heard once or twice, about flesh eating disease, you know that kind of grabs you, but you would never think it would happen to you.”

Usually the warnings are, don’t go in the water with an open cut or wound but Lynn was walking along water, near one of these sea walls, when she was cut while in the water.

Wade Fleming says, “She stumbled into that, hit the bank on the far side.”

We asked health officials if anyone is testing the waters for this bacteria but they say it’s always present in the water.

Manatees Department of Health says there’s no protocol, to test or even, inform the public, if someone contracts the infection.

Wade Fleming says, “There needs to be better warnings, better instructions to the first aid responders.”

Lynn’s family doesn’t blame anyone but they wish more was known about how serious this is.

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