Dirty Money: Protecting Yourself From COVID-19


Experts warn cash, credit cards and payment terminals can carry the virus, making it all the more important to wash your hands after every transaction.

(NBC News)  The term “dirty money” has a more literal meaning these days.

“Anything that touches our hands can get on to our money and be passed,” warns the Cleveland Clinic’s Dr. Kristin Englund.
Paper money can reportedly carry more germs than a household toilet.
Still, cash remains king in much of the economy.
Dr. Englund also points out debit and credit cards can be just as dirty.
“It’s not going to harm you and your skin by just holding on to it,” she explains.  “Where the harm comes is when you take that and touch your face, your eye, your nose or your mouth”
No one is suggesting cash or cards will soon disappear, but concern over COVID-19 infections could lead to more people adopting alternative forms of payment, including apps like Venmo or Zelle.

Experts say it’s best to sanitize before and after all sales transactions.
“You’re never going to sterilize the money, you’re never going to sterilize your environment; what you can control is how you wash your hands,” Dr. Englund says.

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