Dad’s reaction to son’s first home run goes viral


A proud father goes out of his mind when his son hit his first home run.

(CNN) — If you’ve been missing the heart-warming, memorable moments that come with watching live sports look no further.

A father in Georgia watched his son hit his first over the fence home run and his reaction is what you would expect from any proud father.

It was the home run.

That hit home, not so much because of the ball going over the fence as for the dad going out of his mind.

Cory Willig, himself a former professional baseball player and now instructor, celebrated his son’s first home run.

Celebrated it for longer than it took 4-year old asher to circle the bases.

Cory Willig says, “I was ecstatic because I know how much went into this. I know how many swings he’s taken.”

During our interview, Asher was the MVP of mugging for the camera, giving us a look in his mouth, at his teeth, even showing a little shoulder.

Father and son had spent quarantine time practicing in front of their home.

Asher hitting with such gusto someone wondered “how are the house’s windows still intact?”

The home run happened the same day Georgia’s stay at home order was lifted.

Cory Willig says “He had so much energy balled up, he just wanted to get out there and go.”

Asher has plenty of “swagger on deck”.

He likes to tap the plate. And he loves to flip the bat.

This baseball prodigy went viral once before.

At 22-months his bat handling got him invited on Jimmy Fallon’s show for a hitting contest with A-Rod.

A contest that Asher ostensibly won, with A-Rod predicting.

Asked to react to his first homer, this slugger of few words pronounced himself “Happy.”

His father’s pitching as “Fast.”

And what he wants to be when he grows up “Acuna.”

That would be Ronald Acuna Jr, star outfielder of the Atlanta Braves, who applauded Asher’s home run with emojis.

But watch your back Acuna “bombs away.”

It’s bombs away alright even if it’s his dad who detonates.

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