Couple Dies Hours Apart Holding Hands


A couple married for 56 years dies hours apart holding hands

It’s a true love story.

A couple, married 56 years, dies hours apart holding hands.

Will and Judy Webb met as teenagers.

It started off as a friendship and eventually turned to love.

A few months ago Judy Webb suffered complications from a routine surgery and coded.

The events proved too much for her husband, Will Webb, who ended up collapsing at home the next day.

Both were taken to different hospitals to be treated but the couple’s daughters, who all happen to be nurses say somehow their parents remained connected, suffering similar health symptoms, even though they were apart.

On March 2nd the couple reunited in hospice and their beds were placed close together.

The day they died, the family says the couple was holding hands.

Will passed away first and a few hours later Judy took her last breath.

Their children say for 56 years it was a house of love and laughter and that their parents were inseparable.

Will and Judy got married on February 16, 1963 and moved to Melvindale, Michigan where they raised three daughters.

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