(NBC News)  As the number of coronavirus cases rise, so do concerns from travelers.

Those fears are contributing to a growing interest in travel insurance.

“Right now, we’re seeing growth numbers in the 200 percent range,” says Jim Grace of InsureMyTrip.com.

Most policies won’t cover a trip cancellation due to coronavirus concerns, but a premium “cancel for any reason” policy allows you to do just that. 

Unfortunately, those are time-sensitive and expensive.

One quote for a $5,000 cruise priced a typical travel insurance plan at $144.  The “cancel for any reason” policy was $563 dollars, nearly four times higher.

“I think you really have to consider whether premiums you’re going to pay for that type of coverage are worth their cost,” says Kevin Brasler of Consumer’s Checkbook. 

You may want to check directly with travel providers first. Many are now offering to waive change and cancellation fees for affected areas.

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