Chernobyl mold could shield astronauts from extreme radiation


Scientists have discovered fungi is able to grow in the extremely radioactive site of the Chernobyl disaster and might be capable of protecting astronauts in space.

(FOX NEWS) — A new discovery at a modern-day disaster site could help save astronauts from harmful radiation in space.

Special fungi growing at Chernobyl could help counteract radiation exposure.

This, according to scientists at Stanford and North Carolina universities.

Researchers found fungi are still growing in areas with high levels of radiation and are capable of absorbing that radiation and turning it into energy.

Scientists believe this fungus is also able to block some radiation at the International Space Station.

Radiation exposure is a common concern during space travel.

So much that in a single round trip to Mars, it’s possible to absorb 60 percent of the maximum recommended lifetime dosage of radiation.

Scientists hope this new fungi discovery can help provide future solutions to minimizing the harmful rates of exposure.

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