JOPLIN, Mo. — Corporal Tim Hudson of the Joplin Police Department tells us on scene at the 303 East 3rd they have summoned the Springfield Bomb Squad as part of an investigation of two devices. 

A concerned citizen came into the police department shortly after 4:00 p.m. with concerns about some explosives she wanted to have the department take control of. 

They appear to be two older grenades. 

It’s unknown how she came across them. 

Officers followed her to her vehicle and determined to not disturb them, and then summoned the SPF. 

The area directly surrounding the parking lots south of the Donald E. Clark, Public Safety and Justice Center, 303 East 3rd, are marked off with crime scene tape and officers are on the perimeter. 

Downtown is still open and all traffic continues along East 4th and along South Virginia. 

Watch for our live video coming up as Shannon Becker is on scene.