MERRITT ISLAND, Florida (KAMR/KCIT)-The Artemis One Orion Spacecraft landed in the Pacific Ocean, concluding the mission.

Orion will now be transported back to Kennedy Space Center in Florida and delivered to the multi-payload processing facility. The heat shield and other elements will be removed for further analysis, according to the NASA website.

“The next big mission is our Artemis two mission, said Holly Ridings, Deputy Program Manager for Artemis Gateway Program.” “That one will be the first Artemis mission with crew members, and so we’re extremely excited.”

Ridings is an Amarillo native and in 2018 became NASA’s first female flight chief director.

“We’re going to assign a crew to that Artemis two mission, and then we will be on the path to flying them inside the Orion capsule around the moon, said Ridings.” “That’s a really important step headed towards, you know, the first woman and the first person of color down on the surface.”

NASA previously announced that they intend to send the first woman and person of color to the moon during the Artemis program. NASA and international space teams will work to put the flight crew together according to Ridings.

Ridings continued, “one of the differences between Artemis one and Artemis two is the crew members and all of the life support systems that take care of them as they’re flying to the moon and back. So that’s going to be a really important mission and a really exciting mission, you know, of our Artemis endeavor, our Artemis enterprise.”

It takes years of work to build and develop a capsule. Along with countless hours of design, testing, and analysis before a vehicle is sent into space. So, when it comes to life, it creates an element of awe and excitement.

“When you step back and think about it, you know, one word is just all like you’re in awe of what the world can do, right, said Ridings.” “Everyone is proud of what they’ve accomplished, and very obviously excited and emotional.”

Next year, NASA plans to assign a flight crew to the Artemis Two Mission.