November is National Adoption Month, and there are adoption events all over Texas spotlighting the importance of adoption.

National Adoption Day event theme is “Luke and Leia were adopted.” Characters from “Star Wars” will be present, with photo booth and goodie bags for the children.

At Thursday’s event, 11 families adopted 15 children.  One of the adopting families was Natalie and Caleb Stephenson.  They adopted two boys, despite already having three children at home.  A decision that was an easy one to make.  “We had space, because our hearts had room for more love, and our house had room for more kids,” Natalie Stephenson said.  “There are too many out there that don’t have the love and the room that they need, and we did.  So we decided we would do it.”

Any time a child is adopted it’s reason to celebrate, especially when you are able to place 15 kids in forever homes.  That’s why Adoption Supervisor Micah Smith said National Adoption Day is her favorite day of the year.  “The day means the end of a journey.  For a lot of families, the completion of their family,” Smith said.  “It’s what makes their families complete, it’s finding the pieces they were looking for.  Probably one of the best court days we get to do.”

Last year, almost 5,600 Texas children and teens were adopted from DFPS care – almost 1,500 of those in November alone.

Yet the need for families that are willing to provide safe, loving homes is not declining. As of September, more than 7,200 children and teens in state care were legally free for adoption. About half of them are living with someone who wants to adopt them, but thousands are still waiting for the chance to call a new family their own.  

Learn more about becoming an adoptive parent at and follow the news about adoption events and happenings throughout the month on the DFPS Twitter Feed and Facebook page.