Nasal Spray Addiction: The Risk Of Instant Relief


(WKYC) Nasal sprays have been on the market for years, and provide instant relief for millions of Americans who get nasal congestion from colds or allergies.

But for some, that relief can turn into an addiction.

Bryan Dall can’t live without it. For more than 20 years, he’s depended on a nasal spray to help him breathe freely through his nose.

“Some people actually thought I was using cocaine because I sniff so much,” Bryan says.

His nasal spray that’s never far from sight.

“I’ve got one in my bookbag that I carry around, I’ve got one in my car, one up in my bedroom,” Bryan says.

Dr. Raj Sindwani is a Rhinologist at Cleveland Clinic, specializing in problems with the nose and nasal cavities. He often sees patients addicted to nasal spray.

“This is a true addiction and even though it’s easy to say ‘We’ll educate the patient and they’ll go home and never use it again,’ it is a psychological and physical dependence so it can be a real challenge to get off of these sprays once you’ve been on them for a prolonged period of time,” Dr. Sindwani says.

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