Friday on “Dateline,” when a mother from an upscale suburb is murdered, an investigation uncovers some dark family secrets.

Here is a preview of Dennis Murphy’s report:

Most American cities have a neighborhood where the houses are bigger. The money a little older. In Detroit, it’s Grosse Pointe.

HANK: It is the place that everybody wants to live. The homes are beautiful. The lawns are manicured. Everybody appears to live this perfect life.

And in this tasteful enclave of good schools, good churches and good families going back generations, Jane and Bob Bashara had made their home and raised their two children.

BOB BASHARA: I love this place.  How could you not?

Bob and Jane had been a couple for nearly 30 years. They’d each built their own careers — she was a marketing exec, he owned and managed properties. And they were known around Grosse Pointe for their volunteer work.

To all appearances, the lives being lived in their nice suburban house weren’t all that much different from what was happening in homes up and down the streets of Grosse Pointe Park and out around exclusive Lakeshore Drive.

But that was before Jan. 24, 2012. Jane was driving her black Mercedes SUV home from her job in Detroit. Bob said they spoke on their cells.

BOB: She sounded perfectly fine. She said, “I’m coming home. I’ll be home in 20 minutes.”

As Jane drove from downtown, Bob says he was tending to outside clean-up chores at one of his properties. When he got home — he thinks about 8 o’clock — there was no Jane in sight.

MURPHY: Did you see Jane’s car here?

BOB: No, I didn’t.

MURPHY: Anything in disarray?

BOB: No. I just assumed that she ran an errand. Well, as 8:30-9 o’clock came, I started calling her. And her phone didn’t answer.

Two more hours went by and still no Jane. Bob said he was getting anxious.

DISPATCHER: Grosse Pointe Park Police and Fire

BOB: My name is Bob Bashara my wife is, not around and she’s not answering her cell phone and her car and her purse and her are gone and I’m just a little concerned.

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