An Amarillo man accused of being tied to a murder-for-hire case is also allegedly involved in a woman’s disappearance.

According to Federal court documents, Billy Glenn Ivy Junior is a danger to the community and a flight risk.

According to the documents, Ivy is the primary suspect in three different arson cases, charged in an attempted capital murder, and is the primary suspect in a murder investigation.


Ivy is charged with Possession of Unregistered Firearms and Possession of Firearms Unidentified by Serial Number.

According to court documents, law enforcement officials executed a search warrant at Ivy’s home in March of 2017.

They say they found a gun safe in the living room with three silencers inside the safe. Officials say each suppressor was attached to a firearm.

Under federal law, suppressors or silencers must be registered by the owner.


FBI Special Agent Scott Hendricks testified a man was having an extramarital affair with Ivy’s wife. The agent says after Ivy learned of the affair, he hired Kimber Eisenhaur to burn the man’s semi-truck.

Documents say Eisenhaur pointed Ivy out in a lineup as the man who hired her to burn the victim’s truck.

Ivy has been charged with arson in that case.

Documents say after the alleged arson of the semi-truck, the victim’s home and his mother’s home were burned. No charges have been filed in these fires, but officials say Ivy is the primary suspect.

According to court documents, Ivy was not satisfied with the arsons. Documents say Eisenhaur confessed in an interview that Ivy hired her to kill the victim in 2016. Officials testified Ivy supplied Eisenhaur with a poison and instructed her to poison the victim’s drink.

They say Ivy then gave Eisenhaur a gun with the serial number scratched off so she could murder the victim with it. Court documents show Eisenhaur did not go through with the murder and instead gave the weapon back to Ivy.

Officials say a ranch hand of Ivy’s surrendered a black .38 semi-automatic handgun with a scratched-off serial number to law enforcement. They say that is the weapon believed to have been the one Ivy gave to Eisenhaur.

Both Ivy and Eisenhaur have been charged with Capital Murder in Randall County.

MISSING WOMAN CASE (Follow link for more information)

When it comes to the disappearance of an Amarillo woman, officials believe Ivy is a suspect.

According to court documents, Nicole Moore made comments to friends that she was going to take a trip with “Billy” to pick up marijuana on December 2, 2016. Court documents allege Moore was afraid to go on the trip.

Documents say phone records show Moore’s phone and Ivy’s phone met up near I-40 and Soncy in Amarillo. Officials say they traveled together westbound on I-40.

Documents say Moore’s phone last hit a tower near Ivy’s ranch in Oldham County and hasn’t been turned on since.

Police reported finding Moore’s abandoned car at a parking lot near I-40 and Soncy.

Moore has not been seen or heard from since December 2 when friends say she was going with a “Billy.”

Officials believed Moore is dead. Documents show Ivy is the primary suspect in her murder investigation.


In the court documents, Ivy is listed as a flight risk.

In March, an attempted capital murder warrant was issued for Ivy.

Court documents show law enforcement thought Ivy was at his ranch but instead found out he was at the hospital visiting his mother.

According to documents, a detective with the Amarillo Police Department called Ivy to discuss the case and convince him to turn himself in.

They say law enforcement went to the hospital, and Ivy was already gone. According to documents, Ivy’s brother told police Ivy left the hospital quickly after a call and may have been suicidal.

Police say they got an emergency phone ping and located Ivy. Officials found him in Quay County where he was arrested.

Ivy was arrested in a truck that was reportedly registered to another person. Officials say Ivy was in possession of two handguns, ammunition, two cell phones, about $8,700 in cash, and a passport.

Court documents show one of the cell phones was broken into several pieces, but police were still able to analyze some of the data. They say they analyzed some of the data and say Ivy was in communications with someone in Brazil. They say he was planning a trip there. Documents show Ivy’s lawyer says Ivy was planning a fishing trip.

Police believe because Ivy has is a danger and a flight risk because he is likely responsible to five violent crimes — three arsons, attempted capital murder, and murder.

Documents say Ivy reported to Pretrial Services he has a net worth of more than $7 million. They think that wealth plus what they call in documents “his violent nature and history of flight.”


While in jail, documents say Ivy contacted his ranch hand and told him to “get rid of some pipe” that was in the back of the truck Ivy was driving when he was arrested.

Shortly after, the ranch hand surrendered a gun silencer to law enforcement.

Ivy is in custody in the Randall County jail.

Officials at the Randall County jail say he is only listed as having a charge of Arson/Intend Damage Habitat/Place of Worship.

They say he does not have a bond listed.


Both Billy Glenn Ivy and wife Joanie Kay Ivy are charged with Tampering with a Witness. Officials say the couple tried to offer money to a witness.

According to a criminal complaint, Billy and Joanie Ivy offered or agreed to give money to their ranch hand to influence him to keep information from officials in one of these criminal cases.

Billy and Joanie Ivy were arrested this month and charged with Tampering with a Witness.


On May 23rd the Randall County District Attorney’s Office, through the investigation of the Special Crimes Unit, issued two more warrants in the Billy Ivy Jr murder-for-hire case.

Patrick Dewayne Clemons, 28, was charged with Conspiracy to Commit Capital Murder by Remuneration and Solicitation to Commit Capital Murder by Remuneration. Clemons is already in custody at the Potter County Detention Center on other charges.

Amber Nicole Stone, 31, was charged with Arson Intending to Damage a Habitat/Place of Worship. Stone is already in custody at the TDCJ-ID Burnet Unit in Burnet, Texas, on other charges.

The murder-for-hire case remains under investigation by the Special Crimes Unit.

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Tampering With Witness Court Documents