Mom says 10-year-old son badly hurt by explosive disguised as Christmas ornament


DEWITT TWP, Mich. (WLNS)– A 10-year-old Michigan boy is recovering at the hospital after suffering severe injuries his mom said were caused by some type of explosive.

“Last year my grandmother bought a Christmas box from a yard sale. It was full of ornaments and decorations and stuff and Connor found this little silver one. It had a hook on it like all the other ornaments and it had a little wick on it and he thought it was a smoke bomb, so he took it downstairs,” 10-year-old Connor’s Mom, Brittany Moist said.

Moist said she wasn’t there at the time of the incident, but got a call at work Friday afternoon, shortly after the accident happened.

“No one really would tell me what happened and then when I got to the emergency room, they rushed him down to like, do the X-rays and then straight to emergency surgery and then I met him in his room and he was already bandaged up, he was really scared. He was happy to see me and then it’s just been kind of a day-to-day journey from there,” she said.

According to his mom, Connor lost both his index and middle finger on his left hand. He suffered hearing loss in both ears as well as cuts and burns to his abdomen and chest. The 10-year-old lost his eyebrows, eyelashes, front of his hairline, and received 5 stitches on his forehead.

Connor’s godmother Shanda Storie, who was there at the time, said she tried to stop him.

“Grandma said, ‘No don’t light that,'” Storie said, referring to Connor’s great-grandparents. “Grandpa thought, ‘Well, what’s the harm, it’s a smoke bomb.'”

“I’m getting ready for work, so the light bulb went on for me and I said ‘wait Connor’ and as I was walking toward him to grab it from him he got excited and he lit it,” Storie recalled.

That’s when she said she ran into the house to find a towel to wrap Connor’s arm and called 911.

Moist said between physical therapy, counseling, and surgeries, Connor has a long road to recovery.

“He has tried to talk to me about the incident, but he gets too upset, so I haven’t had the chance to hear the whole story from his perspective. He’s been waking up at night afraid because he remembers what happens. If he hears a loud noise he panics. He’s not dealing with the explosion very well,” Moist said.

The family has set up a GoFundMe to help cover costs associated with Connor’s recovery.

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