Police believe an Amarillo woman last seen in December was taken.

The Special Crimes Unit says Nicole Moore was last seen in Amarillo on either December 1st or 2nd.

Lt. Erick Bohannon with Special Crimes says they took over the investigation because she has been missing for so long and missed important dates like holidays.

“We believe that she was taken from Amarillo and might possibly have gone to New Mexico,” said Bohannon.

Bohannon says because it is an active investigation they cannot release why they think she was taken but there are circumstances that have led them to believe that.

Nearly two months after she was reported missing, Moore’s car was found in the Toys R Us parking lot.

The Special Crimes Unit is in the process of reviewing surveillance video from the shops in the area but is unable to give a description of a vehicle she may have gotten into.

“We think that whoever might have seen her may be able to provide us a key to who she might have been with when she was taken from Amarillo,” added Bohannon.

Bohannon is asking anyone who may have been in that area during that time to contact police.

“Especially if anybody was around I 40 and Soncy,  on December 1 or 2 saw that Blue Cadillac CTS parked right there next to Soncy by the sidewalk by the Toys R Us parking lot, we would ask them to please call us if they can give us any, any information at all. I don’t care if it is something as simple as they saw her get out of it. We just need to talk to anybody who might have seen her over there,” said Bohannon.

The Special Crimes Unit says they also followed up on leads that she may have been taken somewhere else.

Earlier this week Special Crimes was searching for a storage unit involved in the investigation.

We’re told they collected some evidence there.

If you know anything, call the Special Crimes Unit.